Mary is a Social Change Maker who has built passionate communities of action in health and social care. She is a globally recognised change maker and is currently building a compassion revolution right here in Australia.

In 2016 Mary launched Compassion Lab, a space where leaders can practice together to uncover compassion, empathy and mindfulness in their organisations, their teams, and themselves. Mary's work unpacks the neuroscience of compassion.

Mary is a Westpac Bicentennial Social Change Fellow, a Member of the Australian Compassion Council, a TEDx speaker and a Coach at Seth Godin’s altMBA. Mary is regularly sought after as a keynote speaker, Leadership Coach and advisor on cultural change and compassionate leadership.



Peter is a human periscope: helping others see what they cannot so that they can change their corner of the world.

Peter loves to bust out the whiteboard, challenge narratives and provide space for others to do the same. He has built startups from the ground up, redesigned business, sales and marketing strategies and coached leaders around the globe as they seek to level up.

As a core member of Seth Godin’s altMBA team, Peter also plays a key role in transforming the lives of students who take part.

PS. His initials



Michael is an architect and industrial design graduate, enjoying the challenges of a multiplicity of creative endeavours. His work engages an ongoing consideration of spaces, forms, inhabitation and the poetic, encompassing buildings, public art, dance and theatre, jewellery, as well as designs for lights and darkness.

He concurrently coaches in Seth Godin’s altMBA, supporting the personal growth of wonderful humans. His coaching always seeks to expand the nature and boundaries of our lives, in a style that is critical, constructive and contributes to the way we navigate the challenges of the business world. Michael will steer you through a design process that will illuminate the way you build your future.



Kirsty is a film and television producer whose award-winning work has broken new ground in the Australian industry. She owns and runs Epic Films and is Development Producer at Matchbox Pictures, heading up their South Australian office.

At work, Kirsty is a logistic and creative partner in each project. She loves digging deep into an idea and helping its essence shine through – almost as much as she loves strategising about how to bring each project to life.

Kirsty uses stories to help others understand the world as a mentor, speaker and altMBA coach.  She loves helping people discover what’s holding them back and watching them step into their new normal.

If you want to make an impact through your work, or just love planning generous surprises, chances are that Kirsty will be on your team.


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