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Reframe your perspective and make an impact.


Great leaders generously share what they’ve learnt, realise what's possible and continually inspire others to show up as the best version of themselves. Our world needs these passionate, creative and brave leaders who are not afraid to fully show up and make a difference. 

The idea of The [REFRAME] Experience is a powerful one. Imagine a room full of these leaders, ready to be the change the world needs right now and generously help one another leap.  


Are you ready...

  • To take a leap?

  • To build deeper, more meaningful connections with like minded, generous leaders?

  • To cut through the noise?

  • To scale your vision? 

  • To be challenged to creatively think beyond the edges?

Then we're ready for you

The [REFRAME] Experience is a hands-on, action-based day with inspiring leaders who want to make an impact - just like you. This isn’t your ordinary workshop, and you're not an ordinary leader.

Working with four coaches who have collectively inspired hundreds of leaders around the globe, you will dig into the different challenges you're facing, uncover your strengths and see where you’re holding yourself back.

Your priority is to do work that matters, and ours is to set you up to do just that.




The [REFRAME] Experience is all about you. We'll discuss topics as a group and give you the opportunity to work on your own individual challenges - things that are relevant to where you are in your life, right now.

In small groups with a dedicated coach, you'll develop personalised strategies and action plans that you can put to use in the real world.

At the end of the day you’ll walk away with:

  • A new perspective on imposter syndrome and creativity

  • Tactical ways to become a more mindful leader

  • A way to cultivate and practice compassion and empathy

  • A way forward through the constraints and boundaries holding you back

  • An understanding of how to develop a high performing, generous culture

  • A network of high performing, motivated leaders like you



[REFRAME] is an oasis of creativity and wisdom. The facilitators created a small, supportive and insightful community in just a few hours.

I left with new ideas about my career direction and fresh energy for the next steps.
— Kim Koop
Don’t let their happy, smiling faces fool you into thinking they are having a great time oblivious to your inner angst. This fantastic foursome are attending mindfully to everyone and everything that goes on in the space.

Expect direct feedback and questions with an uncanny ability to know what you need to be asked, and how to get you to see what others a way that is respectful and gentle and provides space for you to respond freely to your own needs.
— Elizabeth Deveny
Every once in a while I feel like I need to re-connect with myself and others at a deeper level.

[REFRAME] is an experience I recommend to anyone who wants to level up, cut through the noise and build a deeper, more meaningful connection with others as well as themselves.
— Maroye Marinkovic

Why The [REFRAME] Experience?


We're Reframing Workshops

Don’t plan to sit back passively in your chair and eat those individually wrapped Mentos while you sneakily check your work email on your phone. We’re expecting you to lean in, take on feedback, speak your truth and help others see theirs.

Walk in ready to level up, and you’ll walk away with the tools you need to create lasting change.


We're Reframing Takeaways

You won’t be getting a branded stress ball, but you’ll walk away with the tools you need to create the change you wish to see. The day will offer you a new perspective of yourself as a leader, and help you overcome the things that are holding you back as you take the next step forward in your career and your life.


We're Reframing Collaboration

Peter, Mary, Michael and Kirsty met as coaches in Seth Godin’s altMBA program, a course that’s run entirely online.

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of leaders transform their lives by reframing their perspectives on the world. Now we’re on a mission to make a change right here in Australia by combining our unique backgrounds and skillsets.


Let's Talk About Street Cred...


We know you're wondering, so here are just some of the brands we've worked with around the globe:

Company we keep

Your Time is Valuable

We know that feeling of going back to work the day after a workshop, knowing you’ll be hit with a full inbox and a list of new to-dos.

Our mission is for you to come away from the day implementing your new [REFRAME] strategies immediately. To help you come up with a refreshed view of your goals, leveraging small, powerful, shifts in approach so that those emails feel less relevant and the to-dos that don't support your true north fall away.

We want you to walk away feeling ambitious. Feeling excited. Feeling free to take on the parts of your life that really matter, with the tools to excel at them.

We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders around the world, and have seen the amazing changes that can happen when you show up to a session and collaborate with a supportive team to work through your own challenges and find the possibilities.

The [REFRAME] Experience is personalised to you, from the moment you apply through to our post-workshop follow up.

Here’s a few insights from leaders we’ve worked with:

“Mind blown.”

"Profound. Lots of little and big gems.”

“I’ve been looking for a community and here it is, right under my nose!”

“Thank you for making me feel seen.”

“I never saw imposter syndrome as a positive before.”

“Now I understand how empathy is a powerful point of connection in my work."

“You really helped to clarify things and helped me to be intentional and specific.”

“I now have a tangible way of prioritising what I want.”

“I’m a lot clearer about what I’m for and who my work is for.”


The Grove Scholarship

Thanks to a generous supporter, we have a full scholarship available to one attendee at our Adelaide workshop.

If you’re Under 30 and The [REFRAME] Experience will help you to make a difference in the world, answer the additional question on our Adelaide application form and you’ll also be considered for The Grove Scholarship.


A Little About Us...

Peter Shepherd

"Peter doesn’t give you the answers but instead challenges you to ruthlessly align with your purpose in every single action, thus allowing the solutions to arise and unfold. His commitment to your success provides space for you to flourish."

Mary Freer

"Mary is an extraordinarily passionate and dedicated thought leader who has identified the growing need for empathy and compassion throughout our professional landscape. Her work is not only transformational but critical to healthy, happy and functional business."

Michael Lewarne

"Michael is so calm, so present, so mindful; he listens, ponders, then drops boom after boom after boom. He nudges you right between the shoulder blades and challenges you to step up."

Kirsty Stark

"Kirsty lives the growth mindset and constantly pushes others. She’s a creative problem solver and willing to sit with you in the middle of anything, always with an amazing question up both sleeves."

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